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ESOS has expanded its products to include filtration (mechanical cleaning) of emulsions. During preventive inspections of machines and analysis of emulsions, we often find the problem of heavy contamination of cooling and electroerosive liquids by dirt from the environment, emulsion degradation and particles from machine workpieces.

We offer

  • Reduce tool wear by up to 30%
  • Prevent clogging of coolant distribution systems and damage to pumps
  • Increase emulsion life by up to 20%.
  • Periodic and non-periodic cleaning of emulsions and other liquids even during operation
  • Analyzes of emulsion contamination by mechanical impurities on the basis of which we can optimally determine the emulsion and machine cleaning plan
  • Vacuuming of chips, sludge, subsequent washing of the machine with cleaned coolant
  • Separation of oil from the surface of coolants and simultaneous elimination of bacteria in them
  • Sales and training of units for cleaning coolants
  • Consulting


We filter coolants up to 1 micron according to need and reality. Periodic cleaning of emulsions subsequently eliminates the need for demanding annual cleaning of machines, conveyors, etc., or reduces the complexity of cleaning and shortens the downtime of the machine. Everything takes place during the operation of the machine, when we clean the liquid and all parts (even less available) of the machine tool or electro-erosion machine with our machine equipment.


Light machinery industry

  • Machine tools
  • EDM machines
  • Oil filtration
  • Filtration of other liquids

We achieve optimal care for machine tools, we ensure maximum reliability and their productivity.



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