Balancing is an important aspect of the operation of rotating parts, such as rotors, engines, turbines, propellers, rotating shafts, etc. Balancing is performed in order to eliminate the imbalance of rotating parts causing vibrations during the operation of machinery and unnecessary load on bearings.

The goal is to minimize or eliminate unwanted vibrations and uneven loads that can lead to component wear, reduced efficiency, or even failure.

We carry out the work with the help of special balancing machines and sophisticated software. Unbalanced rotating parts can lead to several problems such as vibration, noise, reduced component life, breakdowns, and in extreme cases, the failure of the entire machine. Balancing is important in order to minimize the vibration of the machinery and thus eliminate unnecessary load on the bearings. We remove the imbalance either by adding material (weights) or by removing material (drilling, grinding).

We mostly deal with several types of imbalance:

  • Static imbalance - when the axis of the center of gravity is uniformly offset from the axis of rotation.
  • Moment imbalance - when the axis of the center of gravity intersects with the axis of rotation.
  • Dynamic imbalance - when the axis of the center of gravity is not the same as the axis of rotation.

Operational balancing without disassembly:

We perform directly at the client, usually there is no need to significantly interrupt operations. After preparation, our employees will handle everything at your company. Our staff will provide non-disassembly diagnostics and subsequent balancing of rotating machine components or equipment.

Balancing on a balancing machine:

It is done after dismantling the parts, at our place, on a balancing machine. We have experienced many cases of well-balanced machines, diagnostics and subsequent balancing of rotating machine parts or equipment without the need for downtime. We have a balancer for rotors with a diameter of approximately 1 m and a length of approximately 1.5 m. The impellers of fans and rotors of electric motors can be balanced on the balancer. When repairing electric motors (replacing bearings, checking windings), we usually check the balance of the rotor.

We are working on the PHQ-1000H balancer. Thanks to this, we are able to balance all kinds of rotors (rotors of electric motors, fan impellers, vane pumps, and others).

It is important to remember that each rotating component has its own specific balancing requirements and performing the correct balancing is critical to achieving optimal performance and reliability of rotating systems.

We deal with the field of vibration diagnostics and monitoring the operating condition of machines. We are experts and we will be happy to help you with your concerns.



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