We are the official distributor of HIFI Filters, a French-Swiss company that today has become a European filtration specialist, market leader, with offices and warehouses in 4 European countries and supplying to more than 90 countries worldwide.

In cooperation with your company, we offer consulting, consignment stock, filter replacement itself, consumption records and replacement data. We will supply you with any filter, we will prepare custom filters for you.

We offer

  • Mobile (Agriculture, Forestry, Hard work, Bus, Car, Motorcycles, Ski lifts, High performance)
  • Industrial (Dust Removal, Compressed Air, Hydraulic, Fluids, Machine Tools)

Mobile filters

  • Agriculture (a range of filters for the maintenance of agricultural and forestry equipment, eg tractor, harvester, crusher, cultivator, chipper...)
  • Road technology (a range of filters for the maintenance of road technology and public transport vehicles, eg buses, construction and freight equipment, cranes, vacuum cleaner / sweeper, tipper, salt spreader, mixing machines...)
  • Handling technology (a range of filters for the maintenance of handling and lifting equipment, eg forklift, stacker, industrial vehicle...)
  • Cars, motorcycles (series of filters for maintenance of motor and commercial vehicles... series of filters for maintenance of motorcycles...)
  • Boat engines (Filter range for boat engine maintenance, Maritime transport, Ferry, Passenger boat, Dinghy, Container boat, Fishing boat, Pleasure boat, Water sports and leisure)
  • Ski resort equipment (Filter range for maintenance of ski resort equipment, Snow cannons, Snowmobile, Snowmobile, Ski lifts)
  • High performance (Series of high performance filters, Air, Oil, Competition vehicles)
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Industrial filters

  • Dust removal (Complete range of filters for dust, smoke and oil mist treatment, Dust collectors, Smoke extractors, Oil mist removers)
  • Compressed air (Stationary and mobile compressors, Vacuum pumps, Compressed air networks, Condensate separators, FRL boxes, Silencers, Gas filters)
  • Hydraulic (Aspiration, Low - Medium - High Pressure, Tank Accessories, Absorbents)
  • Liquids (Industrial process, Water, Oils, Inks, Varnishes, Chemicals, hard water, Water networks, Domestic and industrial softeners, Water fountains, Pools, Jacuzzi)
  • Machine tools (Oil mist cleaners, HIFI cleaners and equivalent filters of all brands, Filter belt and automatic band system, Injection molding machines and furnaces, EDM, Laser cutting)
  • Air (Complete range of air conditioning filters, Central air cleaning, air conditioning and heating, Clean room, Paint booth)

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