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Service, repairs and preventive inspections are used to ensure the operation of machinery. Preventive inspections ensure the reliability of our operation, the result of which, similarly to repairs and service, is the search for the root causes of problems.

We offer

  • service
  • repairs
  • preventive inspection
  • chief assembly
  • advice
  • training

For machinery and equipment

  • vacuum pumps, blowers
  • fans, pumps
  • electric motors and diesel engines
  • machine tools
  • hydraulic systems
  • pneumatic systems
  • linear management
  • compressors
  • special and single-purpose machines
  • machine shears
  • crushers, sorters
  • repairs and elimination of leaks in air distribution systems
  • repair of electronic cards

Use in all areas of industry

Mechanical engineering (light and heavy industry)

  • NC and CNC, classical machine tools
  • Compressors, turbocompressors, pumps, electric motors, fans, gearboxes, cranes, crushers, screens, vacuum pumps, blowers, turbines…
  • Drills, boring machines
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Linear management
  • Preventive inspection

Pharmacy industry

  • Tablet machines
  • Lubrication systems, gearboxes, vacuum pumps, blowers,…
  • Ventilation system
  • Compressors


  • Heating plants
  • Small hydroelectric power plants
  • Wind power plant
Esos Ostrava školení
ESOS Ostrava

Paper industry

  • Repairs of hydraulic systems
  • Oil filtration, analysis
  • Cleaning of recuperators and air conditioning systems
  • Positioning of motors, couplings, pumps
  • Balancing fans
  • Dry steam cleaning of machines

Agricultural and construction industry, trucking,…

  • Repairs of crushers, screens
  • Engine repairs
  • Oil filtration
  • Preventive inspection
  • Gearbox repairs
  • Repairs of hydraulic systems


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