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Samples of our work

Overhaul of tablet machine

Our client gave us the task of overhauling the tablet machine. The machine has been transported to our workshop, the repair can begin.

January 2022

EUROPAFILTER filtration unit in action

At our long-term partner, we cleaned hydraulic oils at the 6600 l tank while the machine was running. We removed impurities from 0.1 micrometers in size from the oil and the entire system with our EUROPAFILTER cleaning system. We reduced the MPC value from 44.3 to 8.5 in three months. The oil did not need to be changed and we extended its service life by 100%.

esos filtrace Europafilter esos filtrace Europafilter

January 2022

Moving and connecting the machine to a new hall

The client asked us for help moving the machines to the new hall. We were helpful not only in moving, but also in connecting and checking the machines in their proper working mode.

December 2021

Two-level balancing of exhaust fan

In the client's company, a two-level balancing of the exhaust fan was performed using balancing technology. The vibrations decreased from 26 mm / s to 1.5 mm / s in the first plane and from 16 mm / s to 0.87 mm / s. This returned the machine to optimal operating mode.

December 2021

Check for air leaks

We performed an ultrasonic search for compressed air leaks on our customer's industrial line. Leaks were marked, or repaired.

December 2021

Replacement of the unit with a new one

In our partner's quarry, our workers connected and put into operation a new hydraulic unit, which replaced a smaller non-compliant unit.

November 2021

Repair of exhaust engines

Our staff measured the damaged motor of the exhaust fan motor using vibration diagnostics and then replaced the bearings on site using induction heaters and Schaeffler pullers.

December 2021

Preventive inspection of the tablet machine.

At our customer's company, we performed a preventive inspection of the tablet machine, on which the approved belts were found. Colleagues tightened. We relubricated and cleaned the whole machine.

November 2021

Preventive inspection of the Fagor 800 press

We performed a preventive inspection of the Fagor 800 press at the customer's site, inspected the hydraulic unit of the unwinder and inspected the return filter. We cleaned the lubrication unit, we also checked the pump coupling ...

November 2021


Vibrodiagnostic measurement is used to monitor the condition of bearings, lubrication and detect the dynamic state of rotating machines and machinery.

We locate the fault and determine the current state as well as the development in the trend. It is a non-disassembly diagnostics without the need to weigh the machinery and also without stopping production.


Tribodiagnostics is analyzes of oils, lubricant fuels and emulsions, are used to determine the condition of the oil in terms of its lubricity and machine wear.

We locate the fault and determine the current state as well as the development in the trend. It is a non-disassembly diagnostics without the need to weigh the machinery and also without stopping production. The reliability and service life of the machines are increased and also the costs of preventive maintenance are reduced.


Thermodiagnostic measurement is a non-contact temperature measurement. Can be used wherever the diagnosed parameter is heat radiation. It is widely used in a variety of areas both in industry and in the private sector.

We use a modern thermal imaging system that can cover the entire temperature spectrum and the output thermograph with the necessary accuracy to find possible faults, which when properly evaluated is the basic formula for effective design of technical solutions and subsequently for checking its implementation.

Diagnostics of hydraulic machines and equipment

Diagnostics of hydraulic systems and equipment is used to determine the status of the performance of hydraulic pumps, elements, proportional and hydraulic valves…

Diagnosis is part of preventive and predictive inspections of machines and equipment and, if necessary, to identify problems with hydraulic circuits. The correct operation of the hydraulic equipment will ensure the quality of production.



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