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The sale of spare parts is an integral part of our company's PPP philosophy (prevention, prediction, projection). We do not know the wrong product, only the wrongly applied product. To avoid this, we found partners who match the PPP profile.

The price of the product is not in the first place, more important is its added value, which often exceeds the price of the product many times over.

Important aspects

  • Product information
  • Product quality
  • Logistics
  • Consulting
  • Customer orientation and needs
  • Training
  • Unification of products
  • Price
  • Speed of reaction
  • Ecology

Within PPP (prevention, prediction and projection) we offer

  • Schaffler bearings and tools, diagnostic devices off and on line, Industry 4.0
  • Aids and supplies, instruments for analysis and equipment for entire laboratories
  • EUROPAFILTER and ESOS filtration units, Freddy
  • Products from HIFI Filter
  • Vacuum pumps and blowers
  • Spare parts for preventive inspections, repairs and service interventions

Value added

  • Sales with services (spare parts replacement, mapping, machine records)
  • Creation of methodologies and work procedures
  • Consignment warehouses
  • Rental of equipment, tools,…
  • Training
  • Measurement and analysis in deliveries
  • Technical days
  • Consulting
  • TE rating
  • Optimalization
  • Evaluation of heated and service parts, machines, equipment
  • Finding the root causes of problems


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