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Preventive, predictive and proactive (PPP) maintenance serves to increase the reliability of machines, workers and businesses.

Prevention - providing the necessary care for machines and workers

Prediction - determining the development and supplementation of information on the state of machines and workers

For actions - measures to eliminate the root causes of problems with machines and workers.

Every PPP machine care must be controlled and implanted at all levels and by all company employees. Objectives should be set and pursued.

It all starts with order in the workplace, in the company and in the organization of work. 70% of machine failure problems start with the cleanliness of the machine, the workplace and the organization of work with responsibility for all tasks.

We offer

  • Implementation, creation, management, implementation of preventive inspections
  • Implementation, creation, management, implementation of predictive measurements of technical diagnostics
  • Identifying the root causes of problems
  • Creation of work procedures and implementation methodologies, determining the responsibilities of specific sections and staff
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Implementation into ISO
  • Management and creation of communication and cooperation between departments (production, technology, maintenance, purchasing, external suppliers) in the care of machines
  • Technical and economic evaluation of cooperation
  • Maintenance audits of maintenance of machines, equipment
  • Evaluation and analysis of the causes of failures and service interventions
  • Total fluid management
  • Personal development of individuals, coaching of working groups

We offer a comprehensive approach to solving your problems and maintenance. We have been leading this philosophy since 1997 and have it in place in our company. We have a team of trained and certified staff led to PPP care for machines capable of communicating.

Use - wherever they would like or have reached

  • Calm for work
  • Only 8 hours of working time without nerves and with a smile
  • Reduction of machine care and production costs by up to 70%
  • Reliability of machines
  • Reliability of machines
  • Communication
  • Complexity
  • Responsibilities
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